Friday, January 6, 2017

2017... Bringing New Life to a new chapter


As 2017 rounds the corner I am here to point you into the direction of why you originally even followed this blog. I have moved all my old content to WordPress. As blogger has been a lovely base for me and showed me much love I have had one or two issues with them. One of which is they deleted a blog and wiped away two years of blog post for no reason and would not answer me when I tried to find out why they did it. 

So WordPress is where I went... and as I went I decided that my blogs would branch out into their topics instead of one blog of mix match. This way people get what they want to follow instead of someone getting notice I wrote a blog post about something they don't really care about. I would absolutely love if you'd please go over and follow the blogs on WordPress. 

Each blog has its own set of facebook and twitter links if you're interested in following it on those sites as well. 

Turning The Pages - Author Promotion site, Reviews, Books, Authors, and fun events for readers and authors alike -

 Rewriting History Class - A fun blog looking back on History and some of the theories that go along with it. Come find out the stuff that was wrong in history books and some stuff they never told you about -

M.A. Grace Author Page - A blog about all my multiple genre of books and things going on in my life as an Author.

Darken Scorpio - This blog is about everything Video Games. Games I play. Games I want. Systems I play. Games coming. Games of the past. Everything Video Game.

 A bowl and a wooden spoon - cooking and recipes. This is going to make your mouth water. Follow along and find something to cook for dinner. Simple to complex but anyone can do it. I'm not a chef in any way so yes I really do mean anyone can do this.

 Ani Dark - Erotica Author page. This is for all my works of Erotica. Hot steamy and keep you up if you don't have a fan to cool you down.

 Brunette Sports Talk - If you love sports follow. NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, even college. And yeah I'll probably sneak in some local high school things too. If it has to do with sports I'm all over it.

 Charlies Vape House - Vaping. Cloud Chasing. Ejuice. If you love Vaping you are going to love this.

My Voice Is Free - Politics. Yes your feelings will get hurt following this blog. Yes I will step on toes. Yes I will say things you don't like. Yes.

 Red Carpet Movie Reviews - I will let you know what I think about the movies I watch. Yeah you can also suggest movies.

 Stitches to Glue - Crafts. Crochet, Sewing, Woodwork, Polymer Clay, Soaps, DIY, and more. Crafts from the floor to the ceiling. Crafts all day every day.

 The Coin Return - Financial stuff. I'm struggling you're struggling. We can help each other more than going out alone. As we track through this together we can both come on top.

 The Solo Path - Wicca. This will be a journey we do together. As I come across information about the path of the Wiccan's I will share with you. We can both learn and grow together.

 The Sweat Stains - This is about fitness and health. I will be posting challenges. Eating healthy tips. Recipes occasionally. Proper exercise. And more. Follow my change and show off your own change.

 Tornado Proof Seal of Approval - Pets. This is about dog and cat and spider and bearded dragon stuff. It started as a dog toy blog and has since turned into a full pet blog.

 Some of the blogs you will notice are still new. As you also can notice this is a long list of blogs so please bare with me as I juggle my plates. Running businesses, a full time 12 hour per day job, wife, home maid, blogger, and more have me still getting this multitask thing down but please do follow every blog that would interest you. Or if you just really love me (hey I saw that snicker) you could follow all of them and just show me support!! Every little bit of support is appreciated! 


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